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our Youths

Our future is

We don't just train footballers; we impart our values on the next generation.

Just the select handful from our performance centre programme will go on and become professional players here or elsewhere. Our work is only complete if people who have played the game with us at any level go on to become friends, members, fans, coaches, sponsors and employees.

Our Training Concept

Mastering school and becoming a pro footballer - that is the big goal of our youth training programme. That's why we don't just care about how many goals our players score, but also how they do in the classroom. It doesn't matter whether or not you become a professional, it's important for us they remain 'Unioners' forever.

Sports Development and competition

We accompany children and young people on their different ways for many years, whether helping with kite-projects, hosting them in our holiday camps and all the way on to competitive football.

This makes us an essential part of their lives. We are always aware of this huge responsibility.