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Develop elite sports and promote the game

From the U8 side to the U19s, 11 teams play in the youth department of 1.FC Union Berlin. Since June 2002, the club has operated as a fully-licenced youth centre of excellence in accordance with the guidelines of the German Football League (DFL), with the aim of creating optimum development conditions for young footballers.

Football devleopment training is carried out in accordance with the binding training concept on the basis of a long-term, age-appropriate performance plan. Clear learning objectives are formulated for all age groups in relation to the respective development phases.

The training of youth players, which has traditionally been given a very high priority in the club, has grown considerably larger in its structures. Union boasts an excellent network with important partners, e.g. the Football Cooperative Berlin and various other club partnerships. A large number of our players attend Flatow High School from the 7th grade onwards. As an elite school of sport and football, Flatow school is ideally suited to the demands of competitive sports training and, in addition to football training, enables our players to receive optimum academic support.

In addition to comprehensive medical care, in particular through cooperation with Unfall-Krankenhaus-Berlin, the club offers its players the opportunity to complete their homework and take part in tutoring or remedial lessons at the specially set up learning centre.

We want to make it possible for as many young footballers as possible to become professional players. In our knowledge of both the tremendous opportunities and dangers, we pay attention to the dual approach of competitive sport and school.

We are delighted to welcome you to the teams of 1.FC Union Berlin.

Best wishes, 1.FC Union Berlin

Janek Kampa

Head of the Youth Academy

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