Training Concept

Get through school and become a footballer

One of the most important guiding principles of our training concept points immediately to the dual approach of our youth department.

Our derived sports training programme is as follows:

  • outstanding strengths in 1-vs-1 situations
  • excellent technical proficiency
  • high tactical flexibility
  • very good decision-making ability combined with high speed of actions
  • high physical and psychological tolerance to stress

In order to hone these skills to the highest standard, we divide the training of our players into four main phases.

Basic Phase
Football played by the children of the E-and-F teams is instructed in a playful, age-appropriate way. "Short legs - Short distances" is a guiding principle in all forms of play. The goal is close at hand for children as scoring and preventing goals remain the number one rule in the game. In these age groups, we create an environment for trying out - and trying again!

Development Phase
Our D-and-C teams are training for the transition to youth football. In the so-called development training, a high-level of specialisation of technical skilsl takes place, while the transition to a larger football field happens. The basic principle of our training in this age group is that "playing" teaches a new unit of technique, tactics or conditioning. Further training applies with a priority on ball possession. Our core element, the 1-vs-1 situations, is explained in a more targeted manner. Learning, coaching in the defensive areas - decision making and assurance in attack.

Performance phase
Position specialisation, increased training of conditional skills, deepening tactical training - and much more follows in the age group of the A-and-B youth teams in their performance training. The competitive performance of each individual is becoming more and more important and contributes to the successful team result. Training measures are increasingly being tailored and accompanied individually.

Transition Phase
In close coordination with the first-team, we allow our top talents to enter the professional side. Our concept for training is geared towards long-term, age-appropriate performance development. We know that victories and defeats accompany every football player, and that a competitive sports education can create the basis in life for many paths and can inspire a lifetime of enthusiasm for the game.

The games of 1.FC Union Berlin's youth teams are characterised by a high-level of dominance and winning 1-on-1 situations in defence and attack.

 Lutz Munack

Lutz Munack

Sporting Director

Only a few of the young players in our Centre of Excellence will go on to become professionals or first-team players at the club. Our work is only complete, if players who haven't made it become and remain friends, members, supporters, coaches, co-workers or sympathisers to 1.FC Union Berlin.

Janek Kampa

Head of the Youth Academy