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Football Cooperation Berlin

Our Network

One of 1.FC Union Berlin's training objectives is to offer the best football coaching to highly talented players from the Berlin/Brandenburg region. Our cooperation of partners and partner clubs play an important role here.

The Football Cooperative Berlin has been in existence since 1 January 2015 and supports daily training and competition activities in the academy. All our partners are committed to our training for high-level competition. To this end, they contribute extensive expertise and create optimal conditions for our players' daily football activities.

The targeted strengthening of selected clubs in-and-around Berlin increases the efficiency of our philosophy and allows more young players to participate in it. These long-term and sustainable partnerships are not a one-way street: they have a positive effect on the region, create identification and achieve synergy effects between the promotion of competitive and popular sports.


  • Empor Berlin
  • FSV Bernau
  • FC Internationale
  • SG Rot-Weiß Neuenhagen
  • FSV Luckenwalde


  • Förderverein der Jugendabteilung

Education & Research

  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • SOCIUS - Die Bildungspartner
  • Footbonaut Berlin
  • Jane-Addams-Schule, FS für Sozialpädagogik

Medical Care

  • Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

Markus Heim

Head of Sports Partnerships