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ONE changes name to wefox

Internal sponsoring change:

Mon, 03. August 2020
ONE changes name to wefox

The first Bundesliga season in 1. FC Union Berlin's history also brought a new sleeve partner. The ONE Insurance AG joined the club as a sponsor and the company's logo adorned the left sleeve of our official jersey during the last campaign.

As we prepare for the second Bundesliga adventure, ONE are giving up their placement on the sleeve for sister company wefox whose logo will appear from this season.

"We're very proud to continue to support Union as a sponsor. As the most successful insurance start-up in Europe, we're happy to show our commitment to Union and team sports," said Alexander Huber, CMO of wefox Group.

The wefox Group justifies their decision to change with wefox's greater awareness in the end customer segment. 

About wefox:

Berlin-based Insurtech wefox was founded in 2014 in Switzerland and launched in Germany a year later. The company brings together insurance companies and brokers under the same name on a digital platform. Customers can also use the platform's tech to get sound advice and manage their own insurance policies.