Win in Neukölln: Union beats Tasmania 6-0

Fri, 18. May 2018
Win in Neukölln: Union beats Tasmania 6-0

In the second-last friendly of the 2017/18 season, 1. FC Union Berlin beat SV Tasmania Berlin 6-0 Friday evening. Jannes Werner, Berkan Taz, Akaki Gogia, Philipp Hosiner and Grischa Prömel, who scored twice, contributed the goals.

SV Tasmania Berlin:
Schelenz (46. Ehrenberg)-  Kirli (89 Mahdi), Loder, Mielke (85. Coskun), Udeoka – Ulutürk (69. Baker), Thiele, Asma, Shuleta (65. Schmidt, Ujazdowski (56. Kirchner) –Schikowski (56. Hassane)

1. FC Union Berlin:
Mesenhöler – Maloney, Dietz, Schößwendter (58. Friedrich), Kurzweg (58. Opfermann) – Torrejón, Prömel (58. Kahraman)– Trimmel (58. Gogia), Hartel, Hedlund (46. Taz) – Werner (58. Hosiner)

Referee: Marcel Malassa, Raphael Gieseler, Leander Dietz

Spectators: 250

Goals: 0:1 Prömel (24.), 0:2 Prömel (47.), 0:3 Werner (55.), 0:4 Taz (62.), 0:5 Gogia (71.), 0:6 Hosiner (78.)

During the first half, Union had to overcome a heavily motivated, compact SV Tasmania Berlin defence. It was Marcel Hartel’s deflected attempt in the 14th minute that brought the first chance of the game, but Tasmania goalkeeper Robert Schelenz kept the sheets clean. On the other end of the field, former Union player Daniel Ujazdowski almost marked the lead for host Tasmania with a powerful shot from distance. Despite the opponent’s solid backline, Union created more and more chances: After a Christopher Trimmel corner-kick, defender Christoph Schösswendter set up Grischa Prömel who pushed the ball over the line for the 1:0-lead (24.). Tasmania continued to fight back and attacked the Köpenick team early on. Ujazdowski put a header only centimetres wide, before Tasmania centre back Julian Loder tested goalie Daniel Mesenhöler with a surprise-shot from the halfway line (36.). Minutes later, Mesenhöler prevented another powerful try attempt from going in. Marcel Hartel answered with a shot from the penalty box that went over the crossbar.

After the break, Berkan Taz replaced Simon Hedlund in the Union offense, but it was defensive midfielder Prömel again, who doubled the teams lead with a close-range tap-in (47.). Young talent Jannes Werner contributed his first goal of the game after a great set-up from Marcel Hartel (55.). Unions coach André Hofschneider brought five new players onto the pitch, while halftime sub Taz converted a direct free kick from the left (62.). Host Tasmania’s persistence dropped as the game went on, and chances for the home team became very rare. Akaki Gogia provided the fifth goal of the match with a shot from a sharp angle (71.), Philipp Hosiner made it half-a-dozen after a tremendous combination play between Lennard Maloney and Marc Torrejón (78.).

The 1. FC Union Berlin thanks SV Tasmania Berlin for the great evening and wishes the team from Berlin-Neukölln all the best for the remaining games of their season.