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Union wins 2-1 against OH Leuven

First victory in 2020:

Mon, 06. January 2020
Union wins 2-1 against OH Leuven

FC Union Berlin successfully ends the first test game of the year with a 2-1 win. In the fast-paced game against the Belgian second division team OH Leuven, Robert Andrich (66’) and Sebastian Polter (77’) seal the deal with their two goals.

FC Union Berlin: Gikiewicz - Ryerson (86’ Arcones), Friedrich, Parensen, Lenz - Ingvartsen (62‘ Kade), Schmiedebach, Andrich, Mees - Asllani (62‘ Flecker), Polter

OH Leuven: Keet (46‘ Thamsatchanan) - Ngawa (46‘ Raeymaeckers), Schuermans (46‘ Ouedraogo), Tshimanga (46‘ Gillekens) - Duplus (46‘ Myny), Keita (46‘ Perbet), Mercier (46‘ Hubert ), Aguemon (46‘ Lemti) - Sowah (46‘ Mbombo), Maertens (46‘ van Hyfte) - Henry (46‘ Asane)

Goals: 1:0 (66’ Andrich), 1:1 (76’ Asane), 2:1 (77’ Polter)

Viewers: about 300

Both teams started the first test game of the year at a good pace. After just 4 minutes, the team of Union got their first good chance: Marcus Ingvartsen shot from penalty line towards the goal, but goalkeeper Darren Keet saved the ball.

Quickly the Belgians increased the pressure, so Union had to work hard in the defense. However, they still managed to create good chances. Joshua Mees pushed through his opponent in the 20th minute, pulled the ball towards the goal and finished from close range. Unfortunately, the ball missed the goal.

Just before the end of the first half Royale had another good opportunity. 1.91-meter striker Thomas Henry prevailed against the 20 cm smaller Manuel Schmiedebach and passed the ball to his teammate on the left wing position. The ball only hit the outside of the net.

The first half ended without any goals. For the second half, Leuven's coach Vincent Euvard replaced the entire team. Union continued without any substitutions, in the 62nd minute Urs Fischer changed for the first time: Fisnik Asllani and Marcus Ingvartsen left the pitch and were replaced by Florian Flecker and Julius Kade.

The first goal of the year was scored four minutes later: Robert Andrich assessed the situation just right and hit the ball into the net from about 20 meters (66'). 1-0 for Union!

But the Belgian response didn’t take too long: Exactly 10 minutes later the equalizer was scored by Isaac Asane, who placed the ball into the right corner from about 16 meters distance (76).

The counterattack followed just one minute later: Julius Kade passed the ball to the left to Christopher Lenz, who assisted Sebastian Polter in the penalty area. The striker used the short distance to the goal and scored (77’). 2:1 for Union!

Robert Andrich tried to make the very best out of the last two minutes of the game: He got awarded a free kick and played it flat contrary to all expectations. But the ball was blocked, still a good try though.

The game ended on time in the 90th minute. FC Union finished their first test game of 2020 with a 2:1-victory.

Head coach Urs Fischer acknowledged the approaches of his team: "I saw good actions, but there were also some that weren't that good, on those we have to continue working."