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Two intensive sessions on Monday

Union in Austria:

Mon, 18. July 2022
Two intensive sessions on Monday

The squad earned a day's rest on Sunday following back-to-back pre-season matches, but it was back to training on Monday. Urs Fischer and his staff put the players through two sessions in the heat in Austria.

Morning on tactics

To start the week, the players took part in a morning session with a focus on tactics. Urs Fischer tested his players out in both a back-three and back-four formation in a 11-v-11 format. The remaining players took part in a Football Tennis game on the smaller adjacent pitches.

Pressing in extreme heat

It was back to business in the afternoon. After a warm-up, the players went through various pressing situations and how to play out of them. A small 5-v-5 game followed under the Austrian sun. Martin Schäfter and Thomas Riedel were well-prepared with plenty of cold drinking water to keep the players cool. 

One session is planned for Tuesday, the final of the camp. The afternoon is kept aside for recovery and regeneration.

Quote of the Day

"Everything has an end, just not the training camp!” - A player during the afternoon session