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Training, Tactics, Schedule

Training camp Campoamor – Day 5

Thu, 09. January 2020
Training, Tactics, Schedule

We're halfway through the Training Camp in Spain and the coaching staff made the team push to the limits again.

After a punctual 7.45 breakfast in the hotel, the players went through recovery exercises at the start of the first session at 9.45. Midfielder Grischa Prömel stood in the middle of the group and the players sang Happy Birthday around 15 minutes later before the start of practice. The training started with passing exercises and then the team was divided into two groups. For the next 90 minutes, the players went through drills in possession and without, during which the players' heart rates were monitored by Martin Krüger, our athletic coach.

The players returned to the hotel for lunch about midday. This was followed by appointments with the physio and the media.

In the afternoon, the team continued with the second session. There were more recovery exercises to begin and after the warm-up, the squad was divided into two again: one half played in the small field, the other half went through sprints. Maurice Opfermann Acrones, Fisnik Asllani, Florian Hübner, Suleiman Abdullahi, Grischa Prömel and Keven Schlotterbeck trained on their own in the gym.

However, missing was Joshua Mees who is returning to Berlin after injury.

The second training session was short, but with a high intensity.

Tomorrow, training starts at 10.30am as we get ready for Saturday's friendly against Hungarian outfit Ferencvaros.