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Into summer break with a win: Union beats Türkiyemspor 9-1

Sun, 20. May 2018
Into summer break with a win: Union beats Türkiyemspor 9-1

The players from 1. FC Union Berlin win their third and final friendly before summer break against Türkiyemspor Berlin at Willy-Kressmann-Stadium. Philipp Hosiner (6., 15.), Berkan Taz (8., 52.) and Marcel Hartel (49., 61.) scored double, Grischa Prömel (74.), Akaki Gogia (79.) and Marc Torrejón (84.) contributed one goal each. Bekai Jagne scored the only goal for the host to make it 5-1 in the 60th Minute.

Türkiyemspor Berlin:
Toktumur (46. Lüttschwager) – Awad (46. Taku), Abdelaziz (54. Keil), Stüker (34. Kolhoff), Busse – Gündüzer (46. Al Abdah), Bayram (53. Schmidt), Stawrakakis – Sangare, Jagne (75. Osman), Taflan (46. Weinitschke)

1. FC Union Berlin:
Moser – Dietz (46. Torrejón), Friedrich (46. Maloney), Parensen (46. Schößwendter), Kurzweg (62. Werner) – Kahraman, Opfermann –Gogia, Hartel (62. Prömel), Taz – Hosiner (62. Hedlund)

Referee: Deniz Aylin Acur, Philipp Kutscher, Rasmus Jessen

Spectators: 1.500

Goals: 0:1 Hosiner (6.), 0:2 Taz (8.), 0:3 Hosiner (15.), 0:4 Hartel (49.), 0:5 Taz (52.), 1:5 Jagne (60.), 1:6 Hartel (61.), 1:7 Prömel (74.), 1:8 Gogia (79.), 1:9 Torrejón (84.)

Starting with the kick-off, Union played powerful offensively and was rewarded with the first goal after just six minutes. A brilliant play from Cihan Kahraman and Akaki Gogia set up Philipp Hosiner inside the penalty box who converted on a volley from short range. Two minutes later, Berkan Taz doubled the lead after a tap-in following a corner kick from the right side (8.). Austrian Hosiner added his second goal of the day, smashing a Hartel-cross from the left side into the upper left hand corner (15.). Türkiyemspor, too had a couple of clear chances in the first half, but their brave striker Bekai Jagne didn’t get passed Lennart Moser in a pair of one-on-one situations (28., 35.). With the 3-0-lead for Union, referee Deniz Aylin Acur sent both teams into halftime.

The second half started just as entertaining as the first one: After a great save from goalie Hendrik Lüttschwager, Marcel Hartel pushed the rebounding ball across the goal line to make it 4-0 (49.), then Berkan Taz added his second of the day by finishing a solo-run through Türkiyemspor’s back line (52.). In the 60th minute, the hosting team celebrated its only goal of the day, when Jagne capitalized on a moment of negligence in Union’s defence for the 5-1. Marcel Hartel restored the five-goal-lead just seconds later – Gogia had sent him into the box with a long ball over the Türkiyem-defense, which Hartel shot past Lüttschwager (61.). Towards the end of the game, Türkiyemspor showed signs of exhaustion, and a mistake of a centre back set up Grischa Prömel, who stayed cool in front of the goal to make it 7-1 (74.). Akaki Gogia, who had already assisted on three goals, then scored his first of the day with a shot from the halfway line that took goalie Lüttschwager by surprise and went over his head into the upper left hand corner (79.). Marc Torrejón contributed the last goal of the game after an energetic dribbling through Türkiyemspors half (84.).

Following the final whistle, the Union players headed into summer break and won’t be back together until June 25, when they meet for team physicals at Charité Berlin. Thanks to our host Türkiyemspor Berlin for the organization and execution of an eventful football afternoon.