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Info for Travelling Fans

Away at Mönchengladbach

Wed, 19. April 2023
Info for Travelling Fans

On Sunday evening 1. FC Union Berlin will be visiting Borussia Mönchengladbach. Kick off is at 19:30

Please find here some information for any fans planning on travelling to Borussia-Park. Further information can be found here (German).


  • Stadium
    Borussia-Park | Hennes Weisweiler Allee 1 | 41179 Mönchengladbach
  • Arrival by car
    Arrival is via the A61, Mönchengladbach-Nordpark junction. The stadium car parks P4 to P8 can be used.
    Address for navigation devices: Am Nordpark 400, 41179 Mönchengladbach
    The parking fee is €6.
  • By bus
    Fan buses should take the A61 via the Mönchengladbach-Holt junction to the "Bushalt Süd" guest bus parking area.
    Address for navigation devices: Am Borussiapark, 41179 Mönchengladbach
    The parking fee is €30 for coaches and €6 for 9-seaters.
  • By train/public transport
    Visiting fans are recommended to travel via Mönchengladbach-Rheydt Hbf. The onward journey to Borussia-Park will be by shuttle bus (journey time approx. 20 minutes). The ticket entitles the holder to free return travel on the VRR and AVV.

At the stadium

  • Stadium opens 120 minutes before kick-off: 17:30 
    The stadium regulations apply.
  • Guest block
    Blocks 6 (standing room) and 7 (seating) are reserved for Union fans.
  • Admission
    The usual checks will be carried out at the entrance to the stadium. The blood alcohol limit is 1.1, random checks will be carried out.
  • Luggage/Bags
    Backpacks and bags up to A4 size are allowed, larger pieces of luggage can be handed in at the away sector.
  • Away sector tickets
    There are no remaining available tickets.

Further information

  • Cameras without interchangeable lenses for private use are permitted.
  • Powerbanks are not permitted.
  • Drinks may be taken into the stadium in Tetra-Paks of up to 0.5 litres.
  • In the guest area, payment can be made by girocard, credit card, smartphone or cash.
  • For all Union fans who would like to buy merchandise on site, the Union-Zeughaus will be available at the away sector.

Special Train

  • A special train is running to game in Mönchengladbach. All information can be found on the Eisernen V.I.R.U.S. website.