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Info for Travelling Fans

Away in Cologne:

Fri, 09. September 2022
Info for Travelling Fans

1. FC Union Berlin will play away against 1. FC Köln on Sunday, 11.09.2022 at 15:30.

For all travelling fans, here is some information about your trip to the Rhein Energie Stadium. 


  • Stadium
    Rhein Energie Stadion | Aachener Straße 999 | 50933 Cologne
    Recommended arrival by car
    The arena can be reached as follows:
  • Address: Aachener Str. 800, 50933, Köln
  • The P4 car park is available for away fans' cars. This is approached via exit "103, Köln-Lövenich". Please do not use the signposted bus parking spaces P6-P8. The fee for cars is €7 Euros, or €14 for nine-seaters.
  • Fan buses
    The guest parking spaces for coaches are also accessed via exit "103, Köln-Lövenich". You can park in P4, for which there is a parking fee of €20 per coach.
  • By train/public transport
    The stop "RheinEnergieSTADION" is regularly served by the KVB line 1. On match day, special trains will also run from the "Neumarkt" stop.
  • Travel to and from the stadium by public transport in the VRS area is included in the admission price, provided that a valid admission ticket is available at the time of travel.
  • Please note there is a (general) ban on the consumption of food and drink in all KVB vehicles.

At the Stadium:

  • Stadium Opening
  • 120 minutes before kick-off: 13:30
  • The stadium regulations apply.
  • Away Fans Sector
  • Away fans can use the standing areas in Block N6 and the seats in Block N16. The entrance to these areas is located at the north-east of the stadium.
  • Admission
  • The usual control measures will take place at the stadium entrance. Strict alcohol controls will be carried out by the security staff. Spectators with an alcohol level of more than 1.1 per mil. or who show signs of drunkenness will be refused entry to the stadium.
  • Luggage/Bags
    It is not permitted to bring bags or rucksacks into the stadium. There are no storage facilities.
  • Away Tickets
  • There are no remaining away tickets
  • Further information
    There are kiosks with food and drink available in the away sector. Payment is cashless (Girocard, credit card or via Bluecode) only.
  • Smoking is prohibited at all 1. FC Köln matches.
  • From three hours before the start of the match until three hours after the end of the match, the City of Cologne's Public Order Office will impose a ban on the carrying of glass bottles, glasses and cans smoking in and around the RheinEnergieSTADION. This ban also applies to the guest car park P4. Violations can result in a fine of €25.
  • The Union-Zeughaus will be available for the buying of Union merchandise by the away sector.