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Union's DUFTE collection celebrated

Sustainably-produced products:

Thu, 17. September 2020
Union's DUFTE collection celebrated

1. FC Union Berlin have been ranked in first place in the merchandise sustainability study "The clubs ranked: Here's how fair their shops are".

Cum Ratione GmbH carried out the survey and the goal was to examine the online stores and supply chains of all Bundesliga clubs and three from the 2.Bundesliga. For example, the number of sustainably-produced products in the shop as well as the working and environmental conditions in the production of these items was taken into account.

With Union's DUFTE collection currently comprising 118 products in our store, 1. FC Union Berlin have been expanding this range for years. All products are made of recycled material or cotton from controlled organic cultivation — they are marked out with a special label.

Union's DUFTE products are for the most part in a LEED Platinum-certified factory in India, which relies primarily on the use of local, natural and recycled building materials — 60% of which is from renewable energy sources. LED lighting is used to reduce Co2 emissions, energy-saving machines are used and a fair wage is paid to farmers and workers.

Union's Head of Merchandising and Logistics is Gordon Knebel and he will take part in today's press conference at the German Football Museum in Dortmund. He will explain Union's sustainability concept in the merchandising team in a panel discussion.