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Union at the Bernabéu

Information for Away Fans in Madrid

Mon, 18. September 2023
Union at the Bernabéu

The men's team of 1. FC Union Berlin will play their first Champions League match on Wednesday evening against Real Madrid, supported by almost 4,000 fans in a sold-out away' block.

The following is some important information for all Union fans for their visit to the stadium.

The central meeting point for all travelling fans, recommended by Real Madrid and the Spanish authorities, is located in the Avenida de Brasil. From there, the stadium is a good 10-minute walk away.


  • Arrival by train is via the Santiago Bernabéu underground station.
  • There are no parking facilities for cars in the vicinity of the stadium.
  • Arrival from the central meeting point is on foot.
  • Please observe the general ban on alcohol on public roads!

Admission to the stadium

  • The stadium opens at 16:45.
  • Due to the triple check (personal details, body check, stadium entry), it is recommended to enter the stadium in good time.
  • Each person needs his or her own personalised ticket and the identity document provided when purchasing the ticket.
  • Only bags up to A4 size are allowed, there is no possibility to check in luggage.
  • No Union fan clothing may be worn in the home areas.
  • Flags up to 2 m x 1.5 m in size without a flagpole are permitted.

Entrances to the away sector

  • Union fans may enter the away blocks 523 to 533 and 621 to 633 on the north side of the stadium (Calle de Rafael Salgado). Access is via Tower D.
  • Please note that the away sector can only be reached via the many staircases.

Behaviour in the stadium

  • Alcohol consumption: Non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks will be served in the stadium; heavily intoxicated persons will not be allowed to enter.
  • In the away sector, payment can be made with cash or credit card.
  • It will not be possible for Union fans to leave the block for about 30 minutes after the final whistle.

Motto "All in Red

Szene Köpenick have made the motto for the day in Madrid "All in red". Suitable fan wear is available in the Union Zeughaus stores.

The meeting point for the Szene is the Puerta del Sol in Madrid's city centre. Due to the distance to the stadium, it is recommended to make your way to the Santiago Bernabéu early.