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Union Challenge Leuven Ban

"Disporportionate response" from mayor

Wed, 02. November 2022
Union Challenge Leuven Ban

Today, Wednesday, 1. FC Union Berlin alongside three Union supporters filed an urgent appeal with the Belgian Council of State, the country's highest administrative court, to overrule the ban on entering the city and surrounding areas around the Europa League away match in Leuven.

The mayor of the city of Leuven had issued a decree earlier in the week banning German fans without a valid stadium ticket from being on the streets, around the stadium or in the city centre of Leuven and neighbouring communities on Thursday and Friday.

"Due to the events in Malmö, UEFA fined us. Part of this penalty was that we were not allowed to sell tickets to our fans for our last Europa League group match against Royale Union Saint-Gilloise. We accepted this penalty as we are aware of our responsibility for what happened in Malmö. However, the decree of the mayor of Leuven is, in our view, absolutely disproportionate. It suspends fundamental rights and is contrary to both the European as well as the idea of UEFA to organise sporting competitions across national borders," said Dirk Zingler, president of 1. FC Union Berlin, explaining the decision to take legal action against the city of Leuven.

A decision by the Council of State will be made tomorrow.