Together for Union

Call from registered fan clubs:

Mon, 06. April 2020
Together for Union

Today (Monday April 6), the registered fan clubs of 1. FC Union Berlin published a joint statement. 

The registered fan clubs are calling on all Union members to stand behind the club.

The first step will be members of clubs waiving the pro rata refund of their season tickets and the refunds for already purchased tickets for individual matches – regardless of how the current season continues.

The statement reads: "We all find ourselves in an unknown situation as a result of the coronavirus. We all have to be prepared and adjust, but this is not clear at this period.

In light of the difficult situation, from which our beloved 1. FC Union Berlin are not spared (short-term work for many employees is already a tangible consequence), the registered Union clubs (EUFC) have decided to waive any refund claims against the club from tickets we have purchased. We will also not demand refunds on individual tickets we have bought.

We – the Union fans – have emerged stronger from every crisis in the past. When we had to, we have bled for Union. When nobody would help us anymore, we built our own stadium with our own hands. And after every time, our large family has grown a little bit closer together. Let's together minimise the effects of the coronavirus! Become part of another new Union story for the red-and-white history books!"