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Party details for Wednesday in Köpenick

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Mon, 27. May 2019
Party details for Wednesday in Köpenick

And that is that! 1. FC Union Berlin are now in the Bundesliga.

The time has come to toast our outstanding first-team who have made this possible. On Wednesday May 29, the players and fans can celebrate together in various stages.

The team have been invited to the Roten Rathaus and will be welcomed by mayor Michael Müller to sign the city's guest book. 

The procession will go from Roten Rathaus to East Side Gallery around 3.30 in the afternoon before a boat trip from East Side Gallery to Luisenhain.

Then the team will go to the Town Hall in Köpenick — ETA is 18:00.

From there, the squad will travel through the district to the Stadion An der Alten Försterei, where the team is expected to arrive at 19:30.

- 14:30 | Arrival at Roten Rothaus

- 16:00 | Departure East Side Gallery

- 17:00 hrs | Opening of Stadion An der Alten Försterei

- 18:00 hrs | Arrival of the team in Luisenheim

- 18:30 | Balcony Rathaus / Town Hall Köpenick

- 18:00 | Rathaus Köpenick: Departure in direction of the stadium

- 19:30 | Stadium Stage: Presentation of the team 

- 22:00 | End of the event