Jörg Taubitz to leave 1. FC Union Berlin

A departure

Wed, 23. May 2018
Jörg Taubitz to leave 1. FC Union Berlin

1. FC Union Berlin and Jörg Taubitz, Managing Director for Marketing and Sales, will go their separate ways at the end of the season.

After six years as the head of the marketing department, Taubitz joined the management committee of 1. FC Union Berlin on 01.07.2016. Since then, he has been responsible for sponsoring and events, merchandising, ticketing and membership, as well as, digital media. 

"Jörg Taubitz has done a successful job here over the past eight years. I would like to thank him very much for his commitment and contribution to the development of 1. FC Union Berlin. I regret his decision and wish him well both personally and professionally," said Union Berlin President Dirk Zingler.

"I love looking back on my time at 1. FC Union Berlin. Milestones such as the move from VIP tent to main stand, the stadium stock campaign and the World Cup 2014 living room will remain in my memory. After a short break, I'll take a different path in sports. I'll remain closely connected to the many people I've met at Union," said Taubitz.

Jörg Taubitz will leave the club at his own request on 30.06.2018.