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Focus on attack for Day Three

Union in Austria:

Wed, 13. July 2022
Focus on attack for Day Three

On the third day of 1. FC Union Berlin's stay in Neukirchen am Großvenediger, the squad and coaching staff turned their attention more to attack-mode. There were laughs aplenty which made for an enjoyable session for the players.

Football Tennis & Finishing

Just like the day before, the team warmed up on the side pitch and then focused on attacking on the main field. In the first session of the day, almost the entire squad practiced switching play on the full court. Meanwhile, a small portion of the team focused on fun with a game of football tennis. After the practice of the transitions, two groups then practiced finishing in front of goal.

Crosses and Set Plays

In the second and shorter training session, the team divided into a total of four groups. One part was dedicated to loose exercises in the strength tent with rehab coach Johannes Thienel, while the other two groups focused again on set-pieces. On one side of the pitch, crosses were practiced under the guidance of Markus Hoffmann, while on the other side, free kicks from half-field were on the agenda with Sebastian Bönig. Fitness coach Martin Krüger trained with the others on the small pitches.

There is one session planned for Thursday, which gives the boys a chance to recover.

Quote of the Day:

"I don't have calluses on my toes anymore!“

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