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50+1 Debate: 1.FC Union president outlines club's position

Union Berlin clarifies 50+1 position

Thu, 22. March 2018
50+1 Debate: 1.FC Union president outlines club's position

There has been a lively debate of late in German football about a new version of the so-called ‘50+1’ regulation. This rule limits the influence of investors in football clubs and ensures – even in the case of spin-off corporations – that the majority of votes remain with the club.

During times of unprecedented financial competition in global football business, this rule gives German football a unique selling point, ensuring that it does not lose the ties to people who love it.

On March 22 2018, the 36 member clubs of the Deutsche Fussball Liga (DFL) will discuss this topic at a meeting in Frankfurt. In a personal letter to Union Berlin’s members, president Dirk Zingler outlined the position that the club will hold at the upcoming meeting:

“We are of the belief that the currently valid version of the "50 + 1 rule" is fundamentally right. Considering the exemptions that it contains, we believe it would be useful to discuss how the rule could be worded more clearly. We will play an active role in this discussion process among the member clubs of the DFL. We would only agree to a new version with even clearer rules to limit the influence of investors in German football. We will not consider relaxing the existing regulations."

Nevertheless, 1.FC Union Berlin has no plans to outsource its professional football team to a corporation. "We think it is wrong to remove football more and more from the people and their participation,” the club president clarified.

1.FC Union Berlin will be represented at the DFL’s General Meeting by two members of the Executive Committee, Oskar Kosche and Lutz Munack.