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100 Years Ago Today

Union's Predecessor Wins First Championship Decider

Thu, 30. March 2023
100 Years Ago Today

Exactly 100 years ago today, SC Union Oberschöneweide won the first final to decide the Berlin-Brandenburg Association of Ball Clubs (Verbandes Berlin-Brandenburgischer Ballspielvereine) championship.

After winning the 1920/21 championship in Division A, the Unioners faced Vorwärts 1890, the winners of division B. Like Union, the Tempelhof side had only narrowly prevailed in their division when Viktoria 89 had been demoted to second place.

At the end of a brutal first half (especially from the Vorwärts players), and with numerous missed chances on both sides, Union's captain Ernst Standke came off worst in a one-on-one battle with the Vorwärts half-back Hoffmann, who scored from close range three minutes before the break to make it 1-0 for Vorwärts. He gave Union stopper Franz Müller had no chance.

But with their fluid and precise combinations, Union gained the upper hand and grew in confidence throughout the second half. Five minutes after the restart, Horst Franke found Willi Jachmann with a pass, evading the attentions of Vorwärts goalkeeper, Karl Panten. Jachmann returned the pass to Franke, who slid the ball into the empty net to equalise.

A combination of Franke and Otto Splittgerber gave Union the lead – the ball deflecting off Panten behind him into his own goal. Soon afterwards, Splittgerber tussled with the opposing goalkeeper, whose violent reaction saw him sent off by the referee, Mr. Neumann. Their attacker Fritzsche took over his position in goal.

Vorwärts now looked to get back on the front foot and pressed Oberschöneweide's defenders back. Splittgerber saw a shot strike his hand in the box, but Hoffmann hit the post from the ensuing penalty. Soon after, Hoffmann broke through again, but Müller was able to stop his inaccurate shot. Union settled things when Hermann Lux followed up to make it 3-1.

There were 8,000 spectators at the the Union 1892 pitch in Mariendorf that afternoon - three quarters of whom were there to support Union Oberschöneweide. Kick off was at 16:30.

SC Union Oberschöneweide were represented by: Franz "Nante" Müller; Ernst "Jorka" Standke, Franz Klautsch; Max Franke, Hermann Lux, Otto "Ette" Martwig; Albert Dietz, Horst "Hugo" Franke, Flieger, Otto Splittgerber, Willi "Itze" Jachmann.

Representing BFC Vorwärts 1890 Karl Panten; Probst I, Probst II; Willi Puls, Hermann Paul, Paul Eichelbaum; Georg "Pinne" Schumann, Karl Wolter, Walter Fritzsche, Wilhelm Hoffmann and A. Rotkehl.