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U17 - U15

Our U17

Bundesliga Nord/Nordost

This team stands for attractive and attacking football, with which they want to establish themselves in the Bundesliga. Especially with regard to the pace of play, the Bundesliga offers prime conditions for our U17 team. For this reason, in addition to the continuation of the previous training goals, the focus is on a detailed preparation of each league game. In addition to the basic technical and physical requirements, the players should be particularly convincing through a dominant and emotional playing style.

We work purposefully on position-specific strengths and weaknesses with seven training sessions per week, but also on tactical variability as a team and flexibility. The work each day will be especially about the consolidation of the respective personalities. "Types" are to emerge and mature in character. The goal is that each individual establishes himself in the team structure, works for it, knows how to assert himself and takes responsibility.

Back Row:
Philipp Ritzmann (Athletic Coach), Matteo Topal, Julius Grunwald, Timon Kramer, Jeff Nnaemeka-Chukwurah, Baris Kalayci, Tim Schleinitz, Florian Bäker, Michel Kuper (Rehab Coach)

Middle Row:
André Hofschneider (Academy Head Coach), Stephan Ullmann (Team Manager), Janine Bork (Physio), Noah Engelbreth, Karim Bellomo, Leo Sommerfeld, Levis Asanji, Jerry Lutzmann, Benjamin Hoffmann, Magnus Rösner, Valon Aliji, Boubacar Sanogo (Coach), Hermann Andreev (Assistant Coach), Niklas Knezevic (Goalkeeper Coach)

Front Row:
Nick Graupner, Jerome Scholz, Finn Hoffmann, Max Köhler, Berkin Arslanogullari, Nils Lox, Emre Aydin, Kambiz Walizada, Leonit Ibrahimi

Missing: William Kuhnigk.

Our U16

Regionalliga Nordost (Year Group 2002)

The U16 players have to pull through against one-year-older opponents in the U17 Regionalliga. The main focus of training derives from the training concept of Union's academy and lies for the U16 in the fulfilment of technical and tactical tasks for the individual player as well as for the individual position groups. The players should be enabled to convert the tactics and game strategy given by the coach into positive competition results.

The weekly performance comparison against academies, some of which are higher in their age groups, serves the purpose of the current performance comparison, but also as preparation for the first Bundesliga season in the coming U17, which also calls for players in their will characteristics. The aim is for as many players as possible to make the jump into the U17 at the end of the season!

Back Row:
Henry Rehnisch, Finn Hoffmann, Julien Friedrich, Lennard Lämmerhirt, Bernard Pick, Bilal Sleiman, Enes Gündüz, Simon Hauck, Miodrag Rankic (Assistant Coach)

Middle Row:
Andre Hofschneider (Academy Head Coach), Friedrich Schramm (GK Coach), Oskar Wardau, Max Zablocki, William Giegold, Silvio Termini, Karim Bellomo, Levis Asanji, Daniel Schulz (Coach)

Front Row:
Jonas Klammt (Athletic Coach), Andrik Markgraf, Simon Kindt, Emil Zühlke, Marvin Kopp, Nils Lox, Jerome Kortebusch, Miguel Beck, Malik Mawd, Marvin Wetzel (Physio)

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