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Large field area (U19 to U14)

Invitations to a trial in the large field area are only issued in isolated cases, for example in the case of a position-specific need and special sporting aptitude. A player is considered to have special sporting ability if he/she is playing in a higher league or is taking part in selection measures or has been assessed by our scouts/coaches as having above-average talent.

Small field (U13 to U8)

In addition to the opportunity to recommend themselves for trial training through competitive performances, talented young footballers also have the opportunity to take part in open screening measures at the junior training centre (e.g. talent days).

The Union Talent Days (U13 to U10) as well as other screening measures (U9/U8) take place twice a year (autumn and spring). Registration for these can be made via the contact form and is only possible once the respective dates have been fixed. The exact dates will be published on this page in good time.

Important! By registering, players undertake to inform their current club of their participation. This is a prerequisite for registration. Please direct enquiries about additional years by e-mail to our youth scouting department.

Apply for talent days

For the goalkeepers, goalkeeper-specific training will take place, so please determine in advance whether your child will participate in the screening as a goalkeeper or outfield player.
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