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Sponsoring Opportunities

Sponsoring 1. FC Union Berlin

Season 2023/24

It's time to become a sponsor of the club from the capital city where the experience still feels authentic, up close and personal. No other football stadium in Germany brings you as close to the action as at the Stadion An der Alten Försterei. Hear what the coach is shouting and feel the thunder of tackles and challenges on the park ... this is real football!


Sponsoring Attractive & Tailor-made

1. FC Union Berlin

Whether it's about small or large budgets, about national or regional impact, online or offline communication: at 1. FC Union Berlin, every company can find the right agreement. Together we can develop your tailor-made sponsorship package to perfectly suit your needs.

With more than 450 sponsors and partners, 1. FC Union Berlin have one of the largest business networks in the Berlin and Brandenburg region. In addition to the 17 home league games, other event formats and partner events have become established as active networks.

Individual Consultation


Our marketing team will be happy to assist you at any time and can advise you in a personal discussion about a suitable sponsorship arrangement.

 Felix von Löbbecke

Felix von Löbbecke

Team Leader Marketing