Oh, what a night! :-)

is Our football

Football at Union ...

We have our own definition of football culture. As we've always done.

Our basic rules apply in the stadium

It is simple...

Never boo or whistle your own team

Never leave the stadium before the final whistle

Never make a scapegoat out of the team

Our football is real football

The fast-flowing 90 minutes when the ball never stops rolling is sacred to us. It's compelling. At the Stadion An der Alten Försterei, there's no large pre-game show, no presentations or even something like a raffle. The only thing that counts, is what happens on the pitch.

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Our football is football for all

We are proud of the diversity among our fan culture. Whether frock-wearing or ultra, no matter what color of skin, religion, sexual orientation; whether shift worker, boss, professor or looking for work - Union is home and family for many.

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Our Football is Football and passion

This has always been and always will be the case at Union. Whether our team leaves the opposition spellbounded or whether they battle their way into the game, doesn't matter. What counts in the end is their willingness to give their all on the pitch and in the stands. Our football experience is not only measured by the result.

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