We Are Union

Other clubs have fans. With us, the fans have a club.

You're not just a spectator at the stadium; you meet your friends. And these friendships don't just stop at the final whistle. My mechanic, my hairdresser, my postman... all are Eisern Union!

We are a Community

Union is much more than football. We are a family, and a place to call home. We are about cohesion and support. We stand together. We sing together. We help, and we pitch in. As we celebrate in our own special ways, whether at the Dragon Boat Cup, the Weihnachtssingen, at Exile Meetings or on Special Trains to away games. We are one, we are many. 

We have a say

1. FC Union Berlin are a member-led football club. As a member, you are part of the decision-making process with your entitlement to vote in, as well as attend our highest forum, the annual general meeting. 

We are how we are

Union are a cosmopolitan club. You're welcome just the way you are. Union is about individuality and freedom, enthusiasm and passion. As different as we may be, together we are unbeatable.

We support

A commitment to social engagement has played a huge role for Union over the years. We are committed to our projects, both those that are directly related to football and those focused on on-field matters.

We stick true to the motto: "The strong helps the weak."

For example, Union Berlin's foundation brings this deeply-rooted social commitment of the club all under one roof and makes it visible to the outside world.