Hello everyone!

We Are Union

Other clubs have fans. With us, the fans have a club.

You're not just a spectator at the stadium; you meet your circle of friends. And these friendships don't just stop at the goal. My car mechanic, my hairdresser, my parcel delivery man... all are Eisern Union!

We are a Community

Union is much more than football. Union is family, a place to call home. Cohesion and support. We stand together. We sing together, we help, we pitch in. And we celebrate our parties as we like to: the Dragon Boat Cup race, Weihnachtssingen, Exile Meetings, Special Trains- there is something for everyone.

We have a say

1.FC Union Berlin is a member-led football club. As a member of the club, you are part of the decision-making process: you are entitled to vote in its heighest body, the annual general meeting. You can be there, too.

We are how we are

Union sees itself as a cosmopolitan club. You're welcome just the way you are. Union is about individuality and freedom, enthusiasm and passion. As different as we may be, our cohesion is unbeatable - no matter whether we celebrate together or cheer our team on.

We support

A commitment to social engagement has played a huge for Union over the years. Union has been active in a number of fields for quite some time. We are committed to exsiting projects. Both those that are directly related to football and those focused on on-ffield matters.

We stick true to the motto: "The strong helps the weak."

For example, Union Berlin's foundation blundes the deeply-rooted social commitment of the club under one roof and makes it visible and attractive to the outside world.