Fan and Members Department

FuMA? Who or what actually is it?

In accordance with the consitution of 1.FC Union Berlin e. V., the Fan and Members Department (FuMA) is now a separate department of the club. It sees itself as a contact point for fans and members and helps to shape the club's life and culture. In doing so, they actively bring in ideas and projects from the fan sphere to achieve a stronger integration and identification of the fans and members with her club. For this purpose there are thematic working groups

  • AG Marketing
  • AG Fan Interests
  • AG Social
  • AG Communications
  • AG Stadium
  • AG Key issues

The Fan and Members Department (FuMA) tasks also include the implementation of fan support in compliance with the guidelines laid down by the club.

The department also regularly proposes a candidate for election to the Supervisory Board of 1.FC Union Berlin e. V., who will be responsible for fan and member questions in this committee.

Thomas Matscheroth

Director Fan Department

Holger Röstel

Lorcan Friedrich