Work hard for the second half

Training camp Campoamor - Day 4:

Wed, 08. January 2020
Work hard for the second half

Two training sessions were on the schedule for today in the Union training camp in Campoamor. The Köpenickers started their day with breakfast at 07:45 a.m., before heading to the training ground where the team gathered for their everyday prevention program.

After the prevention routine, athletic coach Martin Krüger had some coordination exercises with a ball in store, that brought one or another player to the limit. In the meantime, rehabilitation coach Christopher Busse did some loose exercises on the lawn with Suleiman Abdullahi and Florian Hübner – this was the very first time all of the players were on the pitch together!
After the warm-up exercises were completed, Abdullahi and Hübner left the pitch, the team came together for a power circle. After the strength session, the players used the lunch break to relax their muscles during treatments or took an afternoon nap.

The second session of the day startet at 3:45 p.m. with technical-coordinative warm-up exercises, afterwards the coaching team challenged the players with "technical exercises under pressure". For the first time, Keven Schlotterbeck was also back on the ball, until today the 22-year-old had primarily worked individually.
At the end of the day, Urs Fischer, Sebastian Bönig, Markus Hoffmann and Martin Krüger divided the squad into four different groups to work on individual requirements. While some trained goal scoring, the other groups worked on flanking and attacking through the center. Just before the end of the session, Joshua Mees shocked the Unioners as he injured himself kicking the ball. He had to cancel the session for today and left the field attended by the physio team with a bandaged thigh.

As the sun went down everybody met for dinner at the hotel.  Afterwards the players went back to their rooms. For tomorrow another two sessions are planned – just like today, they start at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.