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The Fans' Eye View

Notes From the Spanish Training Camp: Day 8

Mon, 09. January 2023
The Fans' Eye View

One of the finest training camp traditions is in the attendance of the Unioner, and of course Campoamor has been no exception to this rule. 

All roads lead to Spain

Whether from the capital or the rest of the country, Union fans know no borders and will travel to support their team from anywhere and everywhere. Wherever Union go, they will follow.

Wolfgang Österrich from Berlin and his travelling companion Frank Lehninger from Darmstadt have been Union members for many years, and this January is far from the first time they have joined up with the team for a training camp. It's a highlight of the year for them, there's hardly any other place where you can be so close to them, even getting in regular contact with the players and coaches.

And if you can escape the German winter at the beginning of the year, instead watching your team under blue skies and the warm Spanish sun, then all the better. Huelva, Jerez de la Frontera, Oliva Nova and now Campoamor; you name the place, Wolfgang has been there, done that. His buddy, "Lenin", hasn't got the miles that Wolfgang has, but he's still happy every time.

Summer sun and Eisern Union

The two are accommodated in a small finca not far from the training grounds, it's well stocked, and in a quiet location, so that you can relax in the evening after a long day with two training sessions. The annual highlight of the trip for them is of course the fan evening with the team, where they get to relax and have a chat with both players and coaches, as well as other fans, of course, over a meal and a drink. It is a pleasure, as always.

The two remained on into the last two days of the camp at Campoamor, as the temperatures rise and the pro's are sweating. And even if they are aware that their time here is coming to an end , there is no melancholy, just a sense of optimism as they look forward to doing the same, wherever it may be, next year. 

Quote of the day: "I'm not quite as much of a  professional as Wolfgang, I've only been four times." - said Frank in an interview with AFTV.