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Rani Khedira signs for 1. FC Union Berlin

From Augsburg to Köpenick:

Mon, 26. April 2021
Rani Khedira signs for 1. FC Union Berlin

1. FC Union Berlin are looking ahead to next season and have signed 27-year-old midfielder Rani Khedira from Bundesliga rivals Augsburg.

Khedira spent his entire youth years at VfB Stuttgart, where he became a first-team prospect and regularly featuring in Germany's youth national team squads. In 2013, Khedira signed for RB Leipzig and made 56 first-team appearances. He went on to Augsburg four years later to continue his Bundesliga career – overall Khedira has 136 Bundesliga matches to his name.

"Union have developed remarkably over the last few years. I'm delighted to be part of this team from the coming season onwards and to help establish it in the Bundesliga. The talks with the people in charge at Union were very convincing, which is why I decided to join Union," said the experienced Bundesliga midfielder.

"Rani Khedira is a very experienced Bundesliga player in his prime footballing years. We are just as convinced of his footballing abilities as we are of his personality. To be able to sign a player of this quality free of charge is of great value to us," added Oliver Ruhnert, 1. FC Union Berlin's Managing Director for Professional Football.