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Day 3: Training mix between team & 1-to-1

Union in Austria:

Wed, 10. July 2019
Day 3: Training mix between team & 1-to-1

The third day at the training camp in Upper Austria was another intense one for the players. The usual procedures were followed with breakfast at 08:15 and the usual media duties, which are spread fairly across the squad.

Although there wasn't a full group on the training pitch with some choosing to take on individual exercises in order to prevent injuries. "Of course, we are very anxious to keep our boys as injury-free as possible. In order to guarantee this, we control the strain on the players individually. In practice, this means that we replace certain training sessions on the pitch with other exercises for some of our guys. These guys then work on their fitness or do prevention exercises," said athletic coach Christopher Busse.

These measures are not just meaningful, but wholly necessary – and this was evident in the afternoon. After a collision with Michael Parensen, Jakob Busk had to skip the afternoon session due to a foot injury. He will probably be able to train regularly with the team in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, Neven Subotic is still working hard to complete the training units over the full length with the squad. While he already did his first exercises on the pitch with his teammates today, his day was mostly spent one-to-one with our fitness coaching team.

"Neven has not been on the pitch for three months, so it is now our job to ensure that he can return as quickly as possible. I work individually with him in the gym, and also to ensure that he can play injury-free in the future," summed up Busse on Subotic's development.