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Conclusion to Hübner & Teuchert investigation

DFB Control Committee:

Thu, 21. January 2021
Conclusion to Hübner & Teuchert investigation

The German FA's Control Committee has returned this afternoon with the results of the investigation into 1. FC Union Berlin's Florian Hübner and Cedric Teuchert.

Hübner has been suspended for two matches and has been fined for unsportsmanlike conduct following 1. FC Union Berlin's 1-0 win over Bayer Leverkusen. The defender apologised for the incident to Bayer Leverkusen's Nadiem Amiri after the final whistle – the apology was accepted by the opposition player. The accusation of a racist insult was found not to be proven.

The investigation into Cedric Teuchert, who was accused of a violation of the DFB's Code of Laws, has been dropped. The DFB Control Committee has agreed there was no misconduct.

Here is a statement from Florian Hübner after a conclusion to the proceedings:

"I'm glad that the matter has been settled quickly and a conclusion has been reached. I made a mistake of getting involved in the dispute among the Leverkusen players with the referee in the first place. In the future, I will be even more careful to maintain discipline and restraint and will draw consequences from this for myself and my further playing career.

I was correctly punished for my behaviour in the verbal altercation with Bayer Leverkusen's Nadiem Amiri. It is of fundamental importance to me that the sports tribunal and the German FA assume that I myself had previously been verbally attacked and that my comments were not discriminatory or racist in any way. As stated by the control committee, my behaviour in this situation was simply unsportsmanlike and I should have stayed out of it.

My family and I stand unreservedly and with the deepest conviction for tolerance and respect. Any kind of xenophobia and discrimination is deeply abhorred in my family and by me. I myself have lived this conviction since my youth days in sports and also in my private life. It is of fundamental importance to me to make a contribution to this on the football pitch, which is within my influence.

I have spoken to my opponent Nadiem Amiri and we have cleared everything up. This also includes admitting a mistake to each other. I'm looking forward to playing soccer again soon with Nadiem Amiri and his team, as well as with my team from 1. FC Union Berlin. I would like to thank my team and my club for their support in the last few days. For my team, I'm sorry that I can't support them in the next two games.

1. FC Union Berlin's president Dirk Zingler added: "We have known Florian Hübner for several years and Cedric Teuchert has enjoyed our trust as part of our team since he arrived last summer. We value both of them as fair sportsmen and as responsible people. For us, it was and is a matter of course to protect them from false public accusations and prejudgement. The fact that there were insults on the pitch from both sides is extremely regrettable and absolutely unnecessary. To apologise publicly for this shows greatness and a sense of responsibility. I would have liked to see both from the other side as well."

1. FC Union Berlin and Florian Hübner have accepted the verdicts, which are therefore legally binding.