Everyone for themselves – but all together:

Wed, 18. March 2020

1. FC Union Berlin will play football again – that's for sure. But when exactly, and when our supporters will be able to get behind the team at the Alte Försterei, remains unclear at this point.

We have all been called upon to keep social contact to a minimum and only leave home for important reasons. It's understandable that we might long for normal times – and particularly, longing to see Union back playing again. 

"Warten auf Union" – "Waiting for Union" – will bring the Union community together over the next few weeks. We'll have things to keep you busy at home, team news, club information, classic moments from the club's recent past and the chance to support the club through our Union-Zeughaus. The beers and sausages are still available on our virtual menu.

We kick off this programme today with something for the little ones, who might be missing their friends at school or at nursery. Union ambassador Matti Michalke has put together four colouring in sheets with various Union themes to keep the kids busy. We'd love to see them and you can send them via social media using the hashtag #wartenaufunion.

There will be more to come in the coming days and weeks.

Keep yourself busy – und niemals vergessen: Eisern Union!