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Mon, 21. September 2020
Unioner of the Year

At the beginning of each season, the "Unioner of the Year" is traditionally awarded to the most outstanding performer of the last year. 

Last year's honour went to Rafal Gikiewicz, who signed for Augsburg this summer.

The pre-selection of candidates is made up from the following categories:

  • Unioner of the Month (total): Lenz (157 points), Gikiewicz (66), Bülter (64), Andersson (53), Andrich (47)
  • Kicker's "Top Players" list — highest average score: Gikiewicz (2.94), Schlotterbeck (3.32), Gentner (3.34), Friedrich (3.40), Andrich (3.55)
  • Appearances (mins): Gikiewicz (2970), Trimmel (2864), Friedrich (2790), Andersson (2687), Andrich (2574)

As such, the list of candidates is as follows: Christopher Lenz, Marius Bülter, Rafal Gikiewicz, Christian Gentner, Christopher Trimmel, Keven Schlotterbeck, Marvin Friedrich, Robert Andrich and Sebastian Andersson

You can also nominate your own candidate.

You can vote via e-mail: unionprogramm@gmail.com until Monday 28th September.

The votes of the supporters are collected together and will be combined with users of Union-Forum.