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Union welcomes standing facilities in European competition

UEFA observer programme:

Wed, 27. July 2022
Union welcomes standing facilities in European competition

FC Union Berlin welcomes UEFA's observer programme to allow standing terraces in European club competitions for the 2022/23 season. Following a decision by the UEFA Executive Committee, participants from the top 5 of UEFA member associations, where standing terraces are already allowed in domestic competitions, will also be allowed to use these facilities in European competitions.

"We are very happy about this decision, because it gives us the opportunity to play European Cup games in our stadium for the first time in our club's history. Of course we would have really liked to show a lot of people in the Berlin Olympic Stadium how much fun Union can be, but we definitely want to take advantage of the historic opportunity to experience European Cup nights at the Alte Försterei. We will discuss and implement the necessary infrastructural adjustments with the UEFA Stadium Committee as soon as possible,” said Union President Dirk Zingler, commenting on UEFA's decision.