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Union requests friendlies with control measure

Tests over social distancing:

Tue, 18. August 2020
Union requests friendlies with control measure

1. FC Union Berlin have sent an application to the health authorities of Treptow-Köpenick to hold a friendly match on September 5 in front of 3,000 spectators using a hygiene plan, which includes a new control measure. A preventative test for all spectators is intended to replace the currently valid social distancing rules, which when complied with, do not match our in-game stadium experience among other events.

The return of operations as safely as possible is fundamental economically and to the mentality of Berlin. The club and our stadium management "Alte Försterei" have developed concepts around new control measures in order to accomodate the event experience. These have been presented to the Senate of Berlin and relevant local authorities.

"We're not primarily concerned with football matches in this project, even though they are the most common form of major event in our specific case. Our city loses its face and its power when almost the entire event business is permanently idle. We are part of this industry and see it as our duty to actively and wholeheartedly search for safe ways to return to an economic business," said 1. FC Union Berlin President Dirk Zingler. "The scientific interest in testing asymptomatic people in order to uncover and interrupt hidden chains of infection, also to further develop test procedures, is an additional benefit for general health protection. Therefore, we hope to be able to begin this path step by step with the Berlin authorities."

On 10 July 2020, under the heading "Corona test for all stadium visitors: Union strives for full capacity", 1. FC Union Berlin for the first time publicly discussed the possibility of preventive testing for all supporters who attend matches. "We went public very consciously at the time and our expectations were not disappointed. The many reactions - questions, opinions, rejection and support - have helped us a great deal in working out the concept in detail. The goal of full capacity is beyond question for us, and that the way to achieve it will lead through intermediate steps is also clear. It is important to us that we finally take the first step," explained Zingler.