Union charity releases own merch range

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Thu, 18. February 2021
Union charity releases own merch range

Back in October 2016, 1. FC Union Berlin bolstered their commitment to social responsibility with the foundation of "Union Vereint. Schulter an Schulter" (Union Together. Shoulder to Shoulder).

The aims of the foundation are to promote the inclusion of Union players with disabilities, leading tablet classes to promote learning among disadvantaged young people and the soon-to-be renovation of a pitch in Neukölln for anyone to use.

There have been a number of successful fundraising campaigns for the Union foundation. Most recently, club ambassador Torsten Mattuschka donated a custom-made red jacket to mark his famous derby winner against Hertha. The jacket was auctioned off until February 14 and on the first day, we had passed the figure of 3,000 euros. 

But those who want to purchase and contribute at a smaller scale can with the foundation's new merchandise range. The foundation has worked together with "Booh, Outfit!", a social project in the Plötzensee prison, which has been producing their own merchadising.

The logo range can be purchased on the Union-Zeughaus and all of the proceeds will go to the projects of the club's foundation.