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Schedule confirmed

Special train to Bremen:

Thu, 06. February 2020
Schedule confirmed

The Eiserne V.I.R.U.S. e.V. have organised a special train for Saturday's Bundesliga match away to Werder Bremen.

Here are the planned train times:

  • Special train to Bremen:

Departure on 08.02.2020

Berlin-Lichtenberg: Departure at 08:25 Platform 21

Bremen Hbf: Arrival at 12:05 Platform TBC

Return on 08.02.2020

Bremen Hbf: Departure at 19:09 Uhr Platform TBC

Berlin-Lichtenberg: Arrival at 22:43 Platform 15 

Access to the platform will only be given with a valid ticket. Confetti cannons, pyrotechnics, glass, glass bottles, pallets and kegs are not allowed on the train.

There are train tickets still available and more information can be found here.