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1. FC Union Berlin mourns death of Tino Czerwinski

Rest in Peace, TeeCee

Wed, 19. December 2018
1. FC Union Berlin mourns death of Tino Czerwinski

Tino Czerwinski became an Union fan more than 40 years ago, known widely by his nickname "TeeCee".

Tino was a trained mechanic and laterly a teacher and held a great passion for the sport, as well as, for the atmosphere at the Stadion An der Alten Försterei. In the summer of 1994, Tino sat on the club's board of directors and later on in the Executive Committee. He was responsible for legal issues and felt above all committed to the support. He combined the economic challenges of Union in the mid-1990s with his great personal enthusiasm for the club, and his professional objectivity and consistency.

During his time on the board, he organised the first FanTreffen events with the fan council to strengthen the structure around the voice of the fans. It was a guaranteed exchange of information, a preparation of joint actions with the aim of strengthening the cohesion of club and fans. Since then, monthly meetings have become part of Union's cultural heritage. Tino moderated these events for many years before ill-health forced hm to pass on responsibility.

The prelude to the "Eisern Union" chat — "Und niemals vergessen" — can be traced back to a play on words between Tino and his close friend Andreas "Seemann" Freese. Timo worked for many years in our match operations team and he was proud to wear the club logo.

Recently the club awarded him the Golden Badge of Honour for his commitment and achievements at the Annual General Meeting.

Tino died after a serious illness on 18.12.2018 at the age of 58.