Quite a lot of people around here!



Bratwurst with bread        3,00€

Steak with bread               3,50€

Polish sausage with bread          3,50€

Soup Kitchen

Pea soup 2,50€
Pea soup with sausage 3,50€
Goulash 3,50€



Berliner Pilsner        0,5l    4,50€

(only winter)                0,3l     3,50€

Coca-Cola                   0,5l     3,00€

Coca-Cola zero          0,5l     3,00€

Sprite                          0,5l     3,00€

Fanta                          0,5l     3,00€

Lift-Apfelschorle           0,5l    3,00€

Classic Water       0,5l     2,50€

Kids Drinks
(All soft drinks)  0,3l     1,50€

(all drinks inc. a €1,00 deposit for the cup)


"PitaKarpata" (vegetarian & vegan stuffed flatbreads)
Beer Garden Waldseite & Beer Garden Hämmerling

"Smokers paradise" (various fish sandwiches)
Beer Garden Hämmerling

"Kleene Dinga" (fat fried bread)
Beer Garden Waldseite & Beer Garden Hämmerling

"Aufgebrezelt" (Brezeln & Käse-Schinken-Stangen)
Beer Garden Waldseite, Beer Garden Hämmerling, Beer Cashier and mobile staff on main stand

"Ice Cream Cone"
Beer Garden Hämmerling