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Prediction Game 2023/24

Prediction Game: The Rules

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You can predict a score for all matches of the current 2.Bundesliga season up to one hour before kick-off. To insert a prediction, you must be registered and logged in as a user. 

Who can participate? 

You can only participate in the competition one time. Only those over the age of 18 are entitled to participate. By taking part in the prediction game, the participant confirms all data entered is correct. 

Those who are working for 1. FC Union Berlin may participate, but are not eligible for prizes. The prediction game is free of charge. 

How do I make my prediction? 

The final result is always as inserted. You can insert your predictions in any order and change these at any time. However, the final prediction must be entered at least one hour before a game, so that it can still be scored. After that, the tips can no longer be changed — not even by the administrator. 

How are points awarded? 

The participant with the most points wins. If the number of points are the same, the player with the most “threes” i.e. has correctly predicted the score right, wins. If there is still not a clear winner, the one with the most correctly predicted Union games wins. And if all this doesn’t decide the winner, then we will decide it by lots. The predictions are compared with the actual results and there are the following points system: 3 points for exactly correct, 1 point for picking win, lose or draw correctly. 

What final score counts? 

The official final score always stands. 

How can predictions and results be compared? 

In the prediction game list, those exactly correct (3) are marked in green. The predictions which are correct for win, lose or draw are marked in orange. 

Where are the personal table rankings? 

In the league table, each players finds his position in the total group of players and can also check for the scores of other players in the game. 

How and what can I win? 

There is a matchday classification and a season classification. Anyone can join at any time and become a matchday winner. However, in order to finish at the top of the season’s classification, you should be predicting every week. The ultimate prediction champion will be the player with the highest score at the end of the current season. 


Season standings: 

1: Season ticket for next season at Union in the standing area behind the goal

2: Shirt of the coming season

3-5: Union merchandise