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Safety policy

Club Philosophy

The football club 1. FC Union Berlin e.V. is a member-led, registered charitable organization. The cultivation and advancement of sports and all its – directly and indirectly – affected responsibilities serve as its main purpose. The club remains politically and religiously neutral. All of its actions and activities are subject to essential democratic and ethical values. Characteristics such as cosmopolitanism, tolerance, respect and solidarity embody the fundamental attitude of the club and its members.

It is imperative for the club’s philosophy to stay connected to its fans and constantly interact with supporters, which is just as important as the preservation of standing terraces and tradition. Especially the district Berlin-Köpenick, home to the “Stadion An der Alten Försterei” (stadium by the old forester’s house), plays a vital role in the club’s identity. Committing to “pure football” is a crucial part of the club’s culture, exemplified by club officials, administrators, and members alike.

Definition of Objectives

The safety assurance during events in the “Stadion An der Alten Försterei” through the 1. FC Union Berlin e.V. is a sustainable goal which is governed by the implementation of specific organizational processes in accordance with the DFB-regulations “Zertifizierung des Sicherheitsmanagements im Profifußball” (Certification of Safety Management in Professional Football), as of August 19, 2014. These processes have to be laid out in detail and should evolve systematically in respects to internal and external requirements. They serve as foundation to allow a strategic cooperation between all departments responsible for the safety and organizational structure before, during and after events taking place in the “Stadion An der Alten Försterei”. Moreover, based on a thoughtful safety concept, an analysis of potential threats and damage scenarios is being prepared, with the objective to guarantee a binding level of protection for all participants and all valuable goods.

Security concepts must be supplemented and adapted to deal with special situations. Disproportionate risks must be avoided as part of a situation analysis. After the experience gained from the special situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, a special responsibility to protect the health of all those involved in events must be placed in the foreground.

One of the priorities at 1. FC Union Berlin e.V. is to hold football matches and other events with the participation of spectators. In special situations, under the consideration of the developments and the legal circumstances, the premise of the active solution orientation to the spectator participation should be in the foreground.

Football matches with fan-typical behaviour pose a distinct challenge to everyone responsible for the safety in the stadium. Therefore, the club wants to secure the event space “stadium” primarily with its own security staff and/or guards hired by the club. The use of assisting police officers within the stadium should be limited only to situations differing from the normality (i.e. riots). The directives for the club-appointed security staff should be focused on service-oriented behaviour and de-escalation, enhancing the communication between staff and spectators in a preventive fashion. The assignment of personnel that is tied to the club (as the event organizer) should have a positive impact on the interactions between fans and said personnel.

Principal Guidelines for the Safety Policy of the 1. FC Union Berlin e.V

  • The executive board of the 1. FC Union Berlin e.V. holds the main responsibility for the safety assurance and safety-oriented conduct during events
  • The executive board of the 1. FC Union Berlin e.V. and the management of companies related to it exemplify preventive and safety-conscious conduct
  • All employees of the 1. FC Union Berlin e.V. and its related companies have the obligation to act safety-conscious and in a preventive fashion. This behaviour facilitates the avoidance of safety risks
  • All applicable laws, rules and regulations are complied with
  • The 1. FC Union Berlin e.V. provides infrastructural, material, financial, human and organizational resources (i.e. needs-oriented and sufficiently equipped facilities for the event organizers and safety manager) to allow for an adequate and practical fulfilment of assigned duties during soccer matches and other events.
  • Proper instruction and continued training of safety managers and personnel is warranted.
  • Safety procedures are practiced and refined on a regular basis.
  • Service providers, suppliers, contractors and other related entities are cooperated with based on the safety concept.

Commitment to preventive and safety-oriented Conduct

  • The responsibility for safety and an understanding for safety-oriented conduct should be enhanced through focused, systematic training and education.
  • All employees of the 1. FC Union Berlin e.V. and its related companies are bound to independently act in compliance with a safety-centred execution of preventive measures and safety goals to actively facilitate their achievement.

Preventive Measures and Safety Goals

  • Promoting the safety-consciousness of employees.
  • Ensuring the compliance with safety standards and their advancement through structured planning, execution and leadership.
  • Providing necessary resources to build and maintain a safety management system and warrant the execution of the resulting actions.
  • Consequently meeting all relevant safety guidelines and measures of the 1. FC Union Berlin e.V.
  • Carefully selecting service providers and suppliers largely based on their individual safety level.

Sven Schlensog

Safety Officer