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Membership Fee Regulations of 1. FC Union Berlin

The members meeting of 22 November 2017 adopted the Membership Fee Regulations, which govern all details of the member’s obligation to pay fees, according to the club’s rules. It is an integral component of the application for membership.

II. Amount of Contributions

2.1. The following membership fees apply from 01.07.2018.


Category Monthly contribution
Annual contribution
Full Member - Full Payer (Active) 15 EUR 180 EUR
Full Member - Youth Payer 6-17 (Active) 7,50 EUR 90 EUR
Full Member - Full Payer (Not Active) 10 EUR 120 EUR
Full Member - Youth Payer 6-17 Years (not active) 5 EUR 60 EUR
Full Member - Youth Payer (Active, Club referee) Free Free
Full Member - Youth Payer (EisernCard-Holder) Free Free

Family membership - 0-12 Years (passive)

1,00 EUR 12,00 EUR

Youth Member - 0-5 Years

3,50 EUR 42 EUR
Honorary Member Free Free
Associate Member by agreement by agreement


IV. Admittance/Cancellation

New members must pay a monthly membership fee of one month's fee after confirmation of the membership application. This is collected with the direct debit or must be paid by bank transfer or cash payment.

V. Special Rules

The Executive Commitee may grand a reduction in contributions upon written application during times of hardship.

VI. Notice of implementation

The membership fees detailed above were decided at the General Meeting of 1. FC Union Berlin e.V. on 22.11.2017 and come into force on 01.07.2018. The previous membership fee regulations will be repealed on the same date.